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volleyball LEAGues

Every Spring, Summer & Fall Beach Volleyball Becomes our World!

volleyball sand beach

Joining an IVP (Intermediate Volleyball Programs) Sand Volleyball League is a great opportunity to relieve stress, build camaraderie with friends and/or coworkers, meet new people, or to just simply have a good time.

Leagues take place Sunday - Friday. Teams play once a week for 10 weeks and start times rotate on the hour starting at 6 pm. IVP Leagues follow Olympic rules of play

At the end of the 10-week session, the 2 teams (per night/per division) with the best WIN/LOSS record will earn prizes and bragging rights!  Additionally, every team will have an opportunity to participate in their skill level's End of Season (EOS) Tournament. This tournament is a giant blowout party for everyone who played that session and additional prizes will be issued.

2024 start dates

Spring Session

April 1st, 2024

Summer Session

June 10th, 2024

Fall Sessions 

August 19th, 2024

NOTE: We do have a cap on the number of league teams we can accept on Thursdays and Fridays in the summer. If you MUST play on one of these days, fill out your registration asap to secure your spot. First come, first served. 

SUmmer Pricing

IVP at the beach house Colorado springs

Adult Leagues
4s - $480   6s-$500

4s divisions are fun or competitive 

These leagues take place Monday - Thursday and rotate on the hour starting at 6pm, which means you may play at 7pm one week and 9 pm on another. This allows every team who signed up, to play against every other team that signed up. 


If you have young children attending your games, but you are unable to play on Monday "Family" nights,  be sure to notify the Volleyball Director and he will schedule your team for the 6pm slot. Also, please familiarize yourself with our children's policy before bringing kiddos to your games.

Click here to read our child policy before registering.

beer bucket.jpg

"Beer" League!
Friday Night $580
or Sunday Day $500

Beer League = The Tipsy Player

  • Beer leagues can have up 12 people on a team; though only up to 6  players can be on the court at a time. (Subs are a-okay)

  • Friday Night beer league begins at 6pm and rotates on the hour. 

  • Sunday Day beer league beings at 1 pm and rotates on the hour.

  • Its not called "beer leagues" for nothing: receive a FREE bucket of beer each week.
family volleyball.jpg

Family League
4s - $480    6s - $500

The whole family is welcome!

Monday night's  are family night's and the only night juniors can play on an IVP League. This is the night to for mom, dad, sister & brother to all get out of the house and enjoy some exercise and fun together.

  • Teams can be any combination of adults, kids or all kids. (Min age 15). YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A JUNIOR ON YOUR TEAM ON MONDAYS.


  • If you bring children too young to play on a league they MUST stay at the tables provided by your courts.

Click here to read our child policy before registering.

It's never too late to register a team....even mid-session.

Just give our VB Director Phil Stroup a call or text, at 720-525-4955, and he will get you set up!

are you Flying Solo but want to play on a team? 

Join our Free Agents list and connect with other just like yourself. 

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