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Free Agents

New to town? Want to participate in leagues but don't know enough people to build a team. Join our FREE AGENTS list and we will partner you with other players just like you.

The Free Agents list is for individual players SERIOUSLY & ACTIVELY looking to be on a volleyball team.

If you don't plan to join a league during the selected season, or can not commit to a 10 week league, 



It takes a lot of time and effort from the Beach House staff to build Free Agent teams. If we contact you to place you on a team and you do not join, or ignore our attempts to contact you, you will not be allowed to sign up in the future. Again, If you are not serious about joining a volleyball league DO NOT fill out this form.

Free Agent List

Leagues start at 6 pm, unless otherwise stated, and rotate on the hour. You check your league schedule weekly to find out what time you will play that week. To join a team you must be able to play at rotational times.

Thursday and Friday are our busiest league nights and frequently sold out; therefore we do not organize free agent teams for those nights. 


Additionally, IVP has several volleyball divisions. Those players who want to be on a competitive team will have 2 opportunities to prove they can be on a competitive team. If you do not pass tryouts you can not be palace on a competitive team.

What day(s) can you play?
League Division:
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