Volleyball Questions? 

Call our Volleyball Director, Phil Stroup at 720-525-4955 .


All Skill Levels Welcome


Every Spring, Summer & Fall Beach Volleyball Becomes our World!

Joining an IVP Sand Volleyball League is a great opportunity to relieve stress, build camaraderie with friends and/or coworkers, meet new people, or to just simply have a good time.

Leagues take place Sunday - Friday. Teams play once a week for 10 weeks and start times rotate on the hour starting at 6 pm. Every team will also have an opportunity to participate in their skill level's End of Season Tournament for prizes and bragging rights! 


Teams of 4's  - $330

Competitive or Fun

Co-Ed or  F/F/F/F

Teams of 6's - $400


Co-Ed or  F/F/F/F/F/F

Spring Session Begins May 3rd

Registration opens 03/02

Summer Session Begins June 15th

Registration opens 05/18

Fall Sessions Begins August 24th

Registration opens 07/27

are you Flying Solo but want to play on a team? 

Stop into sign up at the The Beach House and sign up as a free agent and we will help get you connected with a team!

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and being forced to close all of March and April, our Spring Volleyball Session will be a 6 week session this year. League Fees have been prorated for the missing 4 weeks.

4s - $198

6s - $240

Register by 4/27 and get $25 Gift Card 


It's never too late to register a team....even mid-session.


Free Play& Drop-In

Every Weekday,  Play for FREE  Until 4 pm!


You don't have to be on a league to play volleyball with IVP at The Beach House.  For $7 cash ($10 credit card) you can play all day long.


Friday night drop-in is where the party is at!!


While we always have a Drop-In net available, if you want a party come down FRIDAY NIGHT. During Friday night drop-in we organize a 4-on-4 game called Hook. The premise of the game is simple: you mess up you're out. To the back of the line you go.

but the line is fun!

-the line can play the ball

-chat up some sexy singles in line

-take a much needed beer break

Did I mention you get FREE SHOTS for aces!

Go Friday night drop-in!




Skill Level: The Tipsy Player

Friday Night Fun:

Good Beer & Good People

Join a Friday night beer league and your entry fee includes a FREE BUCKET OF BEER!! Beer Leagues take place on Friday nights only.


Free Beer? It doesn't get much better than that!


Get a bucket of beer for your whole team but remember to be nice to your captains. The type of beer is CAPTAIN CHOICE!


Up to 6 Players on the court - $370

But you can bring as many subs as you like and rotate them throughout the night.



King & Queen of the Beach

Skill Level: Advanced

Monday Night, Mono-Y-Mono Competition for THE THRONE!

K/Q of The Beach takes place every Monday during the league season. In this competition you are on a doubles team but playing for yourself. You do not need a partner and you do not need to play consecutively.

Come when you feel like! 

Cost is $10 but $3 goes to the prize pot!

Entrant registration cut off time: 6:45 pm sharp!

$10 Entry fee and cash prize at the end of every 10 weeks


All players will be ranked. Newcomers start at the bottom and must work their way up. Points are accumulated throughout the 10 week session. 

Spring Session

Begins May 3rd

Summer Session

Begins June 15th

Fall Sessions 

Begins August 24th\


Sunday Doubles Volleyball

Skill Level: Advanced

Springs Session Begins May 17th

Registration opens 03/02

Summer Sessions Begins July 12th

Registration opens 06/21

Teams of 2's - $160


Any Gender


Monday Night = family night

Most nights The Beach House is 18+ after 7 pm and 21+ after 10 pm. However, on Monday nights we are all ages until 10 pm. That means mom, dad, son and daughter can all play on a team together.

Teams of 4's  - $330

Competitive or Fun

Co-Ed or  F/F/F/F

Teams of 6's - $400


Co-Ed or  F/F/F/F/F/F

Kids not yet ready for league play yet? No problem.

Monday night's we have FREE Training for kids ages 5-15 yrs!


free vb training for kids on Monday nights!

Please be courteous of other players. If you bring children too young to play on a league or to take advantage of our FREE training, they must be within reach of an adult 18+ years old.

(Click here to read our entire Children & Minor's policy)

Call: 719 -380 - SAND

Email: volleyball@IVPColorado.com


5910 Omaha Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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