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Children & Minors

Keep Them Close; Keep Them Safe!

We want our neighbors, friends and family to join us for fun in the sun, however for the safety of your children and enjoyment of others around you, we require children under the age of 12 to be within arms reach of an adult (18 yrs or older)  at all times. .

All ages allowed till 7 pm

18+ allowed 7-10 pm

21+ after 10 pm

(Mondays excepted: all ages till 10 pm. on Mondays)


Additional rules for children. 

- No digging! Holes can easily lead to twisted/broken ankles.

- No hanging on nets or kicking/throwing balls or toys.

- Do not leave children unattended in the Bar/Restaurant.

- No playing in the showers. 

- No incessant screaming or obnoxious behavior.  Individuals around you are trying to enjoy their leisure time on the sand.


No Smoking

No Fumar

As part of our "Healthy is Happy" initiative, IVP at the Beach House is a designated SMOKE FREE FACILITYThere is no smoking, vaping or marijuana use allowed inside our facility...Not in the bar, Not in the restaurant, and Not on the sand. 

This is an athletic facility! please help us keep our lungs healthy and our sand clean BY NOT SMOKING.

For the smokers out there, we built a 400 sq ft smokers deck, located in front of the facility, for your convenience. Please be considerate and step out front to smoke. 

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