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team rules

Teams of 2: These are competitive teams and play Sunday's (TBD) beginning at 10 am. Doubles teams do not have to be Co-Ed: Male/Male, Female/Female, or Male/Female teams are all acceptable.

Teams of 4 or 6: These teams are categorized as either "Fun" or "Competitive". The terms "Fun" and "Competitive" define how good of a player you are. If you just want to have fun, drink some booze and laugh a lot, "Fun" is your level. "Competitive" teams play on a more advance level with stricter rules on how you set the ball, hand placement and how you return serves.


4s teams can co-ed or any Gender  


Co-ed means you cannot have more than 2 male players on the court at any given time.

rules of play

1. Leagues play 3 games: 21, 21, 15 with a 2 point cap. There are no ties!

2. If there is a no show team, the team that is present to play will get all 3 wins but may not be guaranteed 3 games of play. The referee or league manager however, will make an effort to find a substitute team to play against.

3. All and any subs are allowed during the 0 weeks of regular league play. Any sub playing EOS tournament must have participated at least twice during regular league play and must be approved for EOS tournament by the tournament director. (A waiver must be filled out by any one looking to  "sub" prior to play.)

4.  To qualify for wins and losses during league play 50% of you original roster must be present.

5. Only captains can call a time out.


6. No back-row attack from in front of the 10 ft line. 

7. Only captains may discuss a controversial call with the referee.

8. Any unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to removal of yourself as well as the team from leagues. Teams displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will receive 2 warnings then will be terminated from league play. No refunds will be issued.

9. If you cannot attend a game you must contact the VB Director immediately. If you fail to notify the director it will be considered a "no call/no show". after 2 no call/no shows, your team will be terminated from league play. No refund will be issued.

Volleyball Questions? 

Call our Volleyball Director, Phil Stroup at 720-525-4955 .

Competitive Rules

IVP house rules are based off Olympic play rules

  • In league play we play 3 games: 21, 21, 15. 2 point cap. There are no ties.

  • First ball over, must have hands overlapping or bump, unless hard driven.

  • No open hand dink hits.

  • When hand setting, you cannot double hit the ball.

  • Rally scoring. 

  • Must switch sides every 7-10 points upon request.

  • No touching the net at any time unless the ball makes contact with the net.

  • Disputed call are automatic do-overs.

  • Tournament Play: No cap

Hook rules

1. Miss the ball and your out! To the back of the line you go.

2. ACES: Serve as fast as you can. If you get an ace (ball hit the sand on a serve before anyone on the opposing team touches it) you win a shot! Even better the entire opposite team goes to the back of the like

3. Waiting line plays! If that ball comes to you, hit it! If the play is good skip ahead 3 places. If the play is bad move back 3.

4. If you catch the ball while standing in line you go all the way to the back. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

aces = free shots!!

4.  Great way to meet singles, have fun and make friends!

This is a 4 on 4, everyone plays kind of game.

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