"Beach House" - A place to Eat, Drink & Play with friends...

The Beach House is a blue oasis bistro with upbeat tunes that will sooth your ears, craft beers served in frosted mugs and Island cocktails in 40 oz fishbowls. Our restaurant features mouth watering artisan sandwiches thick enough to tame the most savage of appetites, fresh and healthy salads topped with fruit, nuts and cheeses from the islands, and seafood by the pound.


All of this sits on the edge of 2 acres of the only  beach front you will find in Colorado Springs. 

You'll find your new happy place here with IVP at The Beach House!

Sand games



So its usually a little difficult to take pictures of your self as you are making an awesome, kick ass play, right? So we make sure our refs are on point and taking pictures throughout the day. 


We post these ACTION SHOTS regularly on our  facebook page...so Click Here, follow us and check out how awesome you really are!

Action shots!!!

Call: 719 -380 - SAND

Email: volleyball@IVPColorado.com


5910 Omaha Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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