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May - September
Yoga has ended for the 2022 season.
Join us again beginning in May 2023

Yoga on the Beach

Stress at work got you down?

Tired of being cooped up and locked down?

Are you craving fresh air and sunshine?

....relax and restore your mind and body with Miss Chrystina Turner and Yoga on the Sand!

yoga on the sand.jpg

We understand how stressful life is on everyone and we want help soothe your mind and body through stretching and meditation.


Your toes buried deep in the sand will challenge your balance and strength while simultaneously grounding you to mother earth and the tranquility that lies therein.

Yoga takes place 

Sundays, May-September

11:00 am -12:00 pm 


COST: $10 

INCLUDES: 1 free mimosa


Email us at to reserve a spot



What you need and need to know:

  • Water! Yoga takes place early in the morning but it can still get hot out here. We sell smart water at the Beach House but you may also bring water bottles for yoga. 

  • Mats and towels are not necessary to participate in Sunrise Yoga, however if you want to bring one, our instructor recommends a towel. Traditional, rubber yoga mats can block your energy and be counter productive to the tranquility you want to achieve.

  • A current waiver is required for anyone participating in a sport with IVP at The Beach House. If you filled out a waiver previously because you play volleyball at The Beach House, that waiver is also good for Sunrise Yoga. 

If you haven't filled out a waiver yet, you can fill one out by clicking the link below.

  • DO NOT be late! It is very very important to be on time for Sunrise Yoga on the Sand. The Beach House will open its doors at 9:30 am and lock them again at 9:55 am. Once we are on the sand we will not be able to come back to the main entrance to unlock the doors. Remember, relaxation is what we are trying to achieve and late comers are an unnecessary distraction to the individuals who took the extra consideration to be on time. 

See you on the sand!

Yoga on the Sand



with Tina T

Learn more about Tina @

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