drop-in Volleyball

You don't need to be on a league to play VB with IVP...Just Drop-in. 

For $7 cash (or $10 on a credit card) you can drop-in and play volleyball all day and all night long. 


Do you want to play volleyball but don't know enough people to fill your own court? Or perhaps you just want to play at your own leisure... hop in when you want and hop out when you want? Then dropping in is the way to do it. 

1-3 people

Drop-in and join a game already in progress. You'll make new friends while improving your game.

4-7 people

Drop-in and challenge a court. 
Winner keeps the court and the next group rotates in. 

Friday night drop-in is where the party's at!

Fridays, IVP at The Beach House organizes a special 4-on-4, drop-in game called Hook.  The premise of the game is simple. Mess up and you are out. To the back of the line you will go. Score an ace and you get a FREE SHOT and the entire other team goes to the back of the line! Most importantly, meet new friends and have fun!

the line is fun!

- The line can play the ball.

- Chat up some sexy singles in line.

- Or, take a much needed beer break when you get sent to the line.

I said it once and I'll say it again:

FREE SHOTS for aces during Friday night hook!

night volleyball.jpg


Drop-in allows you to play on any courts that are available.  However when you reserve a court, by the hour, your court is guaranteed to be available during your day/time and will be ready when your group arrives. 

Court rentals: $45/hour

Whether you  choose to drop-in or rent a court by the hour, the option best for your group will depend on the number of people playing and how long you plan to play. 

Private parties

Did you know we have 2 decks, an indoor lounge, and an out door cabana all available to rent for your private party/function/bottle service? To learn more about renting party space please call us directly at 719-380-7263