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Joining an IVP (Intermediate Volleyball Program) Sand Volleyball League is a great opportunity to relieve stress, build camaraderie with friends and/or coworkers, meet new people, or to just simply have a good time.

Leagues take place Mon - Friday. Teams play once a week for 8 weeks and start times rotate on the hour starting at 6 pm. At the end of 8 weeks, all teams come together for an End of Session (EOS) Tournament.

All IVP teams are CO-ED! That means that half your team must be female. If you are playing 4s, you must have at lease 2 women on the court at any given time. If you are playing 6s, you must have at least 3 women on the court at any given time.

IVP Leagues follow Olympic rules of play.   

Every person who plays on an IVP team must fill out a waiver. Click here to fill out your waiver now. You will need to bring your confirmation email with you to your game.

2023 Start dates

Spring Session

Begins April 3rd

Summer Session


Fall Session 


Volleyball Leagues


...ain't no party like a volleyball party!

Are you ready for a Friday Night Party? IVP hosts "hook" every Friday night at Clear Creek Valley Park.  "Hook" is a special 4-on-4, drop-in volleyball game.  The premise of the game is simple, stay on the court as long as you can. Mess up and to the back of the line you will go. Score an ace and you get a FREE SHOT and the entire other team goes to the back of the line! Most importantly, Friday night Hook is a great way to  meet new friends, build a team and have fun!

Don't worry, the line is fun!

- The line can play the ball.

- Chat up some sexy singles in line.

- Or, take a well deserved beer break.

I said it once and I'll say it again:

FREE SHOTS for aces during Friday night Hook!

COST: $5

(cash only)

IVP Pickleball Leagues


IVP Pickleball leagues:

  • 8 week session

  • Co-Ed

  • Doubles

  • $60

clear creek valley park.jpg


Contact your Clear Creek Valley Park Volleyball Director, Jed Wagner, at

(303) 710-4287

clear creek registratin

Spring 2023 Clear Creek League Sign up

Register your Volleyball or Pickleball team now!

Choose your league day:


    Every  returning team will  receive a FREE T-Shirt, Sand Socks and special rate.

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